Progress Walls

Below are Progress Wall displays for Writing, Reading, Math:

Math Progress Wall

Reading Progress Wall

Writing Progress Wall



Since the start of the RCCoL in 2017, there has been a big push on students setting their own goals and knowing when they achieve it. This has all been part of the Visible Learning journey. Since mid 2017, I have been creating spaces in the class where my students can see their progression. This progression is based on PaCT which is a tool we use for assessing and making our OTJs. As I have a composite class covering year 4-8, I thought it would be best to keep with the PaCT rather than the Literacy Progressions. This is so that my students don’t feel embarrassement if they fall below their current year level – which a few did to start off with. By having PaCT as our progression on display, students can still see where each other are, but no one knows exactly what curriculum level they are working at. The progress walls align with our Spotlight program which students also use to report to their parents on their learning and progress. The rule of thumb for these walls is to provide me with 3 pieces of evidence to prove you can move up the wall. When this was initially introduced to the students, it worked very well. This was done in writing. Good progress was made here and good learning conversations were held. Since the beginning, we now have reading and math. Reading is harder to understand and therefore we still have teething issues using it, however, math is very new but easy to follow. 

My aim is to have all my students by the end of 2020 fully assessment capable using these walls confidently to make their own learning goals and judegments.

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