Visible Learning

During 2018, there were a lot of opportunities for professional learning in regards to Visible Learning. As the Across Leader for Visible Learning, there were many opportunities for me to help my peers and colleagues with their own understanding and development in Visible Learning.

Key Learning Areas lead by me:
– TOD Mini Conference
– “What a good learner looks like at SDA” staff workshop
– LIs and SCs staff hui
– TOD Foundation Day for new members of RCCoL (Jan 2019)
– Dispositions staff hui

Below are pictures to show evidence of my role as Across Lead and mentor to my peers and colleagues:

Screenshot of TOD Mini-Conference organisation

Visible Learning Mapping Plan for SDA School.

Learning Intention LI and Success Criteria SC

Disposition staff brainstorm and planning.



As part of my role for Across Lead in Visible Learning was to take part in all aspects of PLD that was on offer. This gave me the knowledge I needed to support other members of the CoL. This also lead to me leading and delivering the TOD Foundation Day for new members to our CoL Schools in January before the start of school. I was so nervous especially as I am not really a public speaker. I had Selena of Cognition Education there with me to support me, she also gave all the powerpoint presentation to me to use as support for what I was talking about. I had about 20 people who were complete strangers to me, to present to. I started off shakey but as I got into the groove, my nerves settled and I think I delivered the day very well. I recieved good feedback from Selena with some great next steps.


This was an extremelly busy year for me with lots of interaction between myself  and colleagues within my school, as well as interactions with other schools and PLD providers. While it was a busy time for me is was very much professiona development for me in the sense of leadership, organisation, and knowing what my team and colleagues needed to be able to move forward with Visible Learning. One of the most rewarding experiences for me was the TOD Mini Conference that I organised alongside my Visible Learning partner, Jodi. This was a huge event to pull together, ensuring that all 8 schools within the CoL had up to date information about the day, timetabling of speakers and workshops, making sure that options available were spaced out and fairly made available, right down to the little but important details of break times. This day in particular was very rewarding and a success. The only negative feedback was that we didn’t provide lunch. 

All in house PLD for SDA School I found easy to lead. I made sure that all resources were available and that we revisited the concepts a couple of times through the term. Some of these (LIs and SCs mainly) need to be revisited for refreshing.