Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy is an area of learning that many teachers don’t like to do. My assumption would be because it isn’t stipulated in the NZC, however, if you look carefully at the Number Strand, there are many concepts that relate to finances.
Previously I had carried out a unit with a group of Year 8 students around family budgeting. I remember doing this as a student myself so I tried to re-invent that experience. Basically, before I could deliver the unit, I had to save up receipts of my own to be used in the classroom, set up templates of bills, income, etc. Anything to do with life was included (see attached). This was a fun and creative unit which I have revisited with year 5-8 students. This is a great unit to integrate with Social Sciences – looking into careers and our place in the world.

Below are the links to the Unit Plans and some of the templates available:

SDA T3 Maths PTCL – Financial Literacy

Stats PTCL Life – Careers and Financial Literacy

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