EOTC Development

Upon starting at Rotorua SDA School, EOTC policies and procedures were outdated, especially when considering the liability that the staff and principal had. After working at previous schools who had invested time and money into their EOTC documentation, I decided to take it upon myself to update all the Rotorua SDA Schools Education Outside The Classroom documents.

Below are evidence of the documents created:

Accident & Incident ReportADULT and STAFF PARTICIPANTCopy of MASTER EOTC SHEETDriver Transport SafetyEOTC CHECKLISTMedication Administered RecordRATIOS templateSTUDENT MEDSSwimming Events RAMsTransport and Travelling RAMs


Having worked at larger schools whom had just re-developed their policies and procedures for EOTC, gave me a huge advantage when developing these documents for Rotorua SDA School. I used some of the previous schools documentation as templates and then carried out further research into what was needed and required. This was lucky as I found many things still out of date, especially when looking at RAMs for transporting. We have master copies (see attached) for all forms and as events occur we created new documents according to the event itself. As the image shows, we have an extensive list of already prepared RAMs and EOTC forms on hand. 

Having the task of creating these documents was a long drawn out process, however, it was a task I enjoyed doing. It gave me a greater insight into the legislations around EOTC for schools. My next step would be to attend workshops and/or courses that pertain to these documents and amend them accordingly to new learning and findings.