Teacher Appraisals

The Board of Trustees is responsible for ensuring that:

  • a policy for the appraisal of teacher performance is in place in accordance with the above principles;
  • responsibility for the implementation of the appraisal policy and process is formally delegated to a professionally competent person or persons;
  • the appraisal process for each teacher is completed in accordance with the policy;
  • each teacher participates in the appraisal process at least once within a twelve-month period;
  • the school has a specified process for dealing with disputes.

Key responsibilities and performance areas include:

  • teaching responsibilities (such as planning and preparation, teaching techniques, classroom management, classroom environment, curriculum knowledge, and student assessment);
  • school-wide responsibilities (such as contribution to curriculum leadership, school-wide planning, school goals, the effective operation of the school as a whole, pastoral activities and student counselling, and community relationships);
  • management responsibilities (such as planning, decision-making, reporting, professional leadership, and resource management)

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