Matariki – 2019

Matariki Art:
To celebrate the Maori New Year, the class carried out some art work that represented the cluster of stars and their relationship to people, the land, the water, and nature.

Matariki iUgo Unit Plan

This year is the first time I have had a focus on Matariki in the classroom. It is normally something I try to avoid due to my knowledge of the season/celebration not quite being understood. What changed for me this year was the planning tool I use – iUgo. This planning tool provided a unit plan with activities and ideas that can be easily used in the classroom. We read stories about Matariki, talked about different cultures and their New Year Celebrations, and then we finished the unit off with some artwork. I really enjoyed the learning I gained from delivering this unit. I enjoyed learning the names of the stars and how each relates to our learnings in life as it is now, and I enjoyed watching my students make connections with the sister stars.