Google Docs – Staff PD


Sharing knowledge with colleagues is an importGoogle Docsantpart of developing both self and peers in areas of need. Having a good understanding of Google meant I was in a good position to provide professional development to my peers in the area of Google Docs.The PD session ran as follows:

– The first 10 minutes was used to introduce Google HELP. Google spent millions developing the HELP system for exactly this purpose, helping others help themselves:

– The next 20 minutes focussed on Docs. Areas covered included:

  • Can be created online in browser OR upload from an existing document (word)
  • The system constantly saves automatically
  • Can be downloaded to a file to save to a USB stick OR you can share the document online
  • Same formatting options as word (page setup, headings, highlighting, coloured text, indenting, inserting pictures, inserting tables)
  • Inserting comments


When reflecting back on this Staff PD session, I realised I still had a lot to learn about Google Docs. Why? Because I don’t use Google Docs to produce documents or spreadsheets, I upload documents that have been created using Microsoft Office Suite as I find the options and toolbars are better to use. I did find that the staff that attended this workshop also found Microsoft Office easier to work within and therefore my follow-on support to these staff members was regarding uploading of various documents.
This was a very valuable PD session which resulted in much discussion about commenting on student work, commenting on staff documents used for meetings or staff input, and the ease in sharing documents with students and staff. Although many staff who were present chose to continue to upload documents into Google Docs, there were some who were up for the challenge of learning how to benefit themselves through using Google Docs for creating. I think seeing the options and having a range of choices to choose from was most rewarding for me as the presenter.