Visible Learning

“when teachers see learning through the eyes of the students and students see themselves as their own teachers”

Rotorua Central Community of Learning started their journey with Visible Learning at the beginning of 2018. A foundation day was organised where all teaching and senior management staff of the all the schools in the RCCCoL came together for a full introductory day. This day was hosted by Cognition Education Group who work in partnership with John Hattie.

The journey with Cognition Education Group is set to last at least a couple of years, possibly longer depending on our need.


I have really enjoyed the Visible Learning Journey. Cognition Education have provided a variety of professional development opportunities that have really helped improve my practice and growth toward making my students assessment capable. In my classroom I have progress walls for writing and reading that relate to the Literacy Progressions and PaCT. These allow the students to take control over their progression in these areas and watch their progress move. I have a better understanding of Teacher Mindframes and the importance these have on my practice and bettering my students learning experience as learning has been the focus, not teaching as such. Through my development, I have also been able to help not only my students, but my colleagues in their VL journey, especially in the area of Learning Intentions and Success Criteria. These two areas are paramount to students being able to see what they are learning, how they are going, and what their next steps are. My next step is to get the Math Progress Wall up and going, and to have the students understand where they are against others the same age. During the 2018 I was also the Across Lead Teacher for Small Schools in Visible Learning. This again helped me to develop my leadership understanding and skills more (this is explained in detail in the Professional Relationships sections).