BEST Seminar – Processes for Learning

Processes of Learning

BEST Seminars were used for staff to share a learning experience that they feel helped to shape their pedagogy. I attended Lane Clark’s Processes of Learning workshops which helped to give me insight into the processes that even adults use to complete the simplest tasks and that our students can also benefit from following. This workshop also helped to put together the Self Managed Learning programme in my class in 2013.


One of the things I found the hardest for this presentation was actually the presenting. I have never been a public speaker and often hide in the back so as not to have questions fired at me. Because the staff were on a new journey to move from teacher directed learning to student directed learning, I did feel this presentation was very relevant. I had also had a term in my class to practice the theory behind Processes of Learning (student directed learning) which prepared me for queries from my colleagues and helped me to overcome my fear of public speaking (or speaking in front of a crowd). I had good pace and allowed my audience to ask questions at the end of certain parts of the presentation.
From this presentation I had some of the Technology staff ask for more information regarding the resources available and how they can access them. I decided from here to provide support for them in becoming a more student directed learning environment by providing necessary PD and resources to equip them. While their Inquiry Process for their class followed a different order to mine, the resources used were still relevant to allow the students the tools they required for successful learning outcomes.
My goal is to present or speak in front of my colleagues more often to gain more confidence. This can be achieved by following things I am passionate about in education and sharing it with other staff members.


BEST Seminar Processes of Learning