Google Drive

Rotorua Intermediate introduced Google to their students in 2014. Students weren’t new to computers, typing google drive logo
documents, or even the internet, but for a large number, Google Docs was a very new concept, especially sharing documents and having someone comment while you are still typing.

I introduced Google Docs toward the end of the first part of our Literacy Programme where students needed to create a new document, type up their information, share their document with a friend and have me, their teacher, providing feedback directly on the document. This was a great experience for both the students and myself. Many doors opened for the class by using what Google Docs had to offer. Lots of group / collaborative work took affect, and the learning conversations between peers and myself were very valuable.
I use Google and GAFE for a range of things, especially as a different teaching tool / strategy for the class and to keep learners interested. Part of GAFE is using Google Classroom to set tasks for students to work through and submit when completed, keeping students independently managing their own learning.
I have continued to use Google throughout my teaching and have added even more tools provided by Google to my kete.


The attachments are just some of the uses.