Professional Relationships

Establish and maintain professional relationships and behaviours
focused on the learning and wellbeing of each learner:

• Engage in reciprocal, collaborative learning-focused relationships with:
– learners, families and whānau
– teaching colleagues, support staff and other professionals
– agencies, groups and individuals in the community.
• Communicate effectively with others.
• Actively contribute, and work collegially, in the pursuit of improving my own
and organisational practice, showing leadership, particularly in areas of
• Communicate clear and accurate assessment for learning and achievement


Evidence of Leadership:

Boss or Leader

Acting Principal 2019
Visible Learning 2018 & 2019
RCCoL 2017 & 2018
Literacy Progressions and PaCT 2017
EOTC Development 2016
PB4L 2012-2014
Google Docs – Staff PD 2013
Career’s Education 2012
BEST Seminar – Processes of Learning



Leadership is an important part of my Professional Development and Journey. I once thought that to be a leader you needed to know your job well and be organised. By being given different opportunities to lead in varying areas and to have worked very closely beside leaders in other positions around the school, I have come to the conclusion that a true leader is someone who is there to guide, support, direct, teach, and motivate others to accomplish similar outcomes while still learning themselves. This means using Distributed Leadership to share roles and responsibilities, support strengths and weaknesses, openly share information and knowledge, encourage suggestions and ideas, and enable the team by allocating time and resources with minimal delay. I believe it is using the strengths of each other to support one another to help develop each professionally by the way of following the Generative Partnership Model where everyone is a leader and everyone is a follower depending on the task at hand.
I was once given an acronym by a past principal which I now use to guide me regardless of the position I hold within a team:
T     together
E     each
A     achieves
M    more
…… this is how I see my team performing in a team lead by me.