Tes Teach

During 2015 I was introduced to Blendspace, now known as Tes Teach, through the MindLabs in Auckland.


Tes Teach is an online tool that allows you to collect content for your students to view in one place.
Pictures, videos, articles, websites, and Google docs are just some of the items you can share in a
Tes Teach.

It is simple to use and easy for students to navigate. Tes Teach assignments can be used for one lesson, or cover an entire unit.

I used it for the first time in term 3 of 2015 with a composite class of year 4-8 students. For the older students, it was a fun way for them to carry out the task set for them without needing me to continually provide verbal instructions and examples. For the younger members of the class, I was still needed to guide them step-by-step but once all steps were covered, they were able to revisit each step to make sure they had met the criteria.

This is a great alternative to using Google Classroom or can even by used alongside it.

The links below will send you directly to my Tes Teach “What makes my writing interesting” and also to the Tes Teach homepage where you can sign up.

Tes Teach – what makes my writing interestng

Tes Teach Homepage