Learning-focused Culture

Develop a culture that is focused on learning, and is characterised by respect, inclusion, empathy, collaboration and safety:

• Develop learning-focused relationships with learners, enabling them to
be active participants in the process of learning, sharing ownership and
responsibility for learning.
• Foster trust, respect and cooperation with and among learners so that they
experience an environment in which it is safe to take risks.
• Demonstrate high expectations for the learning outcomes of all learners,
including for those learners with disabilities or learning support needs.
• Manage the learning setting to ensure access to learning for all and to
maximise learners’ physical, social, cultural and emotional safety.
• Create an environment where learners can be confident in their identities,
languages, cultures and abilities.
• Develop an environment where the diversity and uniqueness of all learners
are accepted and valued.
• Meet relevant regulatory, statutory and professional requirements.

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