Teach and respond to learners in a knowledgeable and adaptive way to progress their learning at an appropriate depth and pace:

• Teach in ways that ensure all learners are making sufficient progress, and
monitor the extent and pace of learning, focusing on equity and excellence for
• Specifically support the educational aspirations for Māori learners, taking
shared responsibility for these learners to achieve educational success as
• Use an increasing repertoire of teaching strategies, approaches, learning
activities, technologies and assessment for learning strategies and modify
these in response to the needs of individuals and groups of learners.
• Provide opportunities and support for learners to engage with, practise and
apply learning to different contexts and make connections with prior learning.
• Teach in ways that enable learners to learn from one another, to collaborate, to
self-regulate and to develop agency over their learning.
• Ensure learners receive ongoing feedback and assessment information and
support them to use this information to guide further learning.

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