Personal Information

Age:   41

Marital Status:   Married with Children

Drivers Licence:   Full Drivers Licence

Residency:   New Zealand Residency

Health Status: Non-smoker, good health

Interest & Hobbies:

Swimming, Netball, Touch Rugby, Tennis, Soccer, Outdoor Activities, Cooking, Animals, Fashion, Children, Family, and Socialising.

Personal Testimony:

I believe I am a dedicated and highly driven, diligent person who sets high personal goals and works with an honest commitment to achieve all I set out to do. I possess exceptional interpersonal and communication skills which are used to create and foster valuable professional relationships with colleagues, students, whanau, and the wider community.

I am committed to working with the Board of Trustees, staff, students, and whanau on initiatives that require prioritisation, organisation, professionalism, monitoring and continual support.

I have a positive attitude in all situations along with a lovable sense of humour. My personality adds colour to anyone’s bad day and I challenge myself to change negative situations into something positive.

Personal Philosophy
Employment History

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