BillieLeeHi, my name is Billie-Lee Browne and this is my Professional ePortfolio.

This ePortfolio provides digital evidence of my professional practice as a teacher across all areas of the Registered Teacher Criteria. This portfolio contains information from 2012 onwards. The information you will find will include my Personal Philosophy, Teaching and Learning Practice, Evidence and Research for Professional Practice, Leadership roles, Professional Development, Personal Information, and a full copy of my current Resume. By clicking on the links within each page, you will gain access to the information above and evidence gathered.

The ePortfolio is a continual work in progress, therefore information will be added and updated over time.

If you wish to contact me, please click on the contact email at the bottom of the page.

Personal Testimonial:

I believe I am a diligent person, who sets high personal goals and works with an honest commitment to achieve all I set out to do. I enjoy working solo and in a team environment and enjoy constantly learning new tasks.